ERSCH - Lake Str 30 HOUSE for TS4

Hi! I was playing TS4 recently and thought that it would be great if i can play it in TS2 houses. I really enjoy the game process of TS4, but i will always love sims2 ♥ So i was looking some re-built ts2 houses for download. Unfortunately I didn't find anything.
(Maybe you have a link for such resource and you'll kindly share it with me? I would be really happy)
So i decided to build some myself. This is one of those beautiful houses of Pleasantview (near Lothario and Caliente families)

*COSTS - 18 300 S$
*SIZE - I put a house on a 20*30 lot. 
*PROPORTIONS - All the proportions are same as in TS2. 
*CC FREE - I didn't use any CC.
*UNfurnished - BUT I put some items that were in this house originally (2 sinks, 2 toilets, a shower, some counters and a cooker).

Please, don’t reupload, just give a link to this post.
 Lets honour each other's work. Hope for understanding

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I played a family of one member and i used only first floor and that was even more than enough XD lol
Here is a little pic of my living in this house. bb.moveobjects on is used!


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