ERSCH - DVL's Dreamcatcher Earrings for TS4

Hi! Since I've started exploring Sansar, I deal with some my old creations for SL and thought that it would be good to bring them to you too ♥ 
Btw, now I'm going to be non-adfly creator. My friends told me that there are a lot of cases of "bad experience" like viruses, money stolen and so on. So I really don't want you'll have this troubles because of my links ♥
I think i could live without it, but I think all of you will agree that there's nothing like paid work experience. So i've created a PATREON page. I know there's a lot of negative reactions on this social-network but I think we can cope with it. I'm going to make an early acces for my patreons for 2 month and then the items will get averyone. I believe it is quite fair. So my productivity will increase. I was thinking about making at least 1 set (or item) for TS3 and 2-3 items for TS4 (this is for public acces) and my parteons will recieve access to +1 TS3 set (or item) and +2 for TS4.

I'm new to patreon, but not going to set a big amount to my items. Just a small reward to my work♥

So getting back to this creation:
Has both ears version and for left ear only!

Format: Package
Cas: earrings
Female, Male
9 colours

Please, don’t reupload, just give a link to this post.
 Lets honour each other's work. Hope for understanding


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