"5 minutes" set (Ersel & An Veay)

First of all, I want to congratulate you on a wonderful holiday - March 8, 
and I wish you joy, love, health and spring! I love you all ♥

And here is my present... but wait, OUR present. 
This time my friend An Veay shared with me one idea and one work.
You know how girls keen on phone calls, we tried to fulfill the idea of it =)
My part was to create the streen-telephone and the handset for it.

And Anna created beautiful pack of poses for it. A short preview...

About props:
Pay Telephone

Format: Sims3Pack
Game Prise 1000
Category - Miscellaneous Decor
Аccessory (earrings-rings)
Gender: Female|Male
Age: Teen/Young Adult/Adult/Elder
Category: Everyday/Formal/Sleepwear/Swimwear/Athletic/Outerwear
Format: Sims3pack


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