Herzlich Willkommen in meiner Welt!

Herzlich Willkommen in meiner Welt! 
Welcome! Добро пожаловать!

I'm glad to welcome you. I decided to create a blog, I'll try not to forget to fill it with my works and thoughts. I hope you'll like it)

Рада приветствовать Вас. Я решила создать блог, постараюсь не забывать его пополнять своими работами и мыслями. Надеюсь Вам это понравится)


  1. Dear Ersel, I just found your site today (Monday, Sep. 3, 2018) and I absolutely adore your work. I cannot tell you how happy I was to see that you are still creating CC for the Sims as it seems like every time I find a designer I like they are no longer active and worse yet their links are all dead! I wanted you to know that starting in your 2015 Archives your links for your DROPBOX, yadi.sk & 4shared.com do not work. I cannot say that not all of them work but I would assume so. I do know for sure that 13 of them do not. The ones I want the most are the Aureli Dress, Amnezia Crown of Roses, Das Schöne Sterben & Umbrella Skirt. Is there another site where I can download them from? Will the links be fixed? I have seriously been looking for a dress exactly like your Aureli since the first day I discovered what CC are! (I fell in love with the singers dress in Cirque du Soleil's Alegria years ago and I've wanted one ever since. Virtual reality will have to do!) Thank you - for being so awesome!
    PS - I never-EVER- write comments becase I never know when to stop!!! XtinaLynn