Aureli Set by Ersel

Hi! I started creating this outfit last year, but finished it only now because my friend asked me to finish it. Dress a bit gnarly because it was created im milkshape when I was not on friendly terms with it XD
The set “Aureli” contains:
The dress (without roses) with 2 variants of skirt (3 channels of recolour) and accessories:
- left and right small roses (1 channel of recolour) 
- left and right large roses (1 channel of recolour) 
- roses for top (1 channel of recolour) have icon in cas, requares WofA addon
- roses for skirt (1 channel of recolour) have icon in cas
BTW don’t be afraid of look of roses in cas, it is because LOTS of faces and in game it is ok.


Age: Young Adult/Adult
Category: Everyday/Formal/Sleepwear/Athletics/Swimwear
Format: Sims3pack

For demonstration screenshots i used AV poses, check it here. They are perfect for this dress.

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