2 Staged Poses p.2

I made these poses for this works and, I hope, they will be useful for you =)
(yeah, again =) but not so dramatical as previous set)
Format: Package

The first pose is... a_ersel_pose_99 or a_ersel_pose_100
It was made for contest's stage "Model in museum". I used MedievalDocks by jennisims as decor.
The are 2 variations of the pose. I other variant the left arm is up.

The second pose is... a_ersel_pose_132

Everyboby knows Jasmine. This is my variant =) It was made for contest's stage "Disney".
Thank's to Irink@a for hair and accessories.

In this pack you can find 2 single packages without playlist
and one package with set with playlist.

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